September 12, 2011

Surviving 9/11 rescue dogs that scoured Ground Zero for bodies are commemorated a decade after their most difficult mission | Mail Online

Guinness, 15, from Highland California, started working with Sheila McKee on the morning of the 13th and were deployed to the World Trade Center for 11 days
Guinness works at the 9/11 site shortly after the attacks

It has been a weekend of remembering where we were 10 years ago. Today is Sept 12th here in New Zealand, but we woke on this day, Arch's Birthday, to the horror unfolding on the news as it happened in New York.
So for us, now is the real anniversary, not the date, and watching the new footage of the firemen, the chaos, despair and the magnitude of the destruction, we are reminded of the loss afresh. This time I have earthquake eyes - and the picture seems even more real. Coping with natural disasters reminds you how very unprepared we all are when it actually happens - and the shock and dazed looks on faces spoke volumes.

I liked this article about the search dogs because it reminds me that people risked their lives to rescue others. They take the shock and do something with it. They train to be prepared for these occasions. We had reason to be thankful here in Christchurch for the search dogs and their handlers. Just a small reminder of the role they played then and continue to do so now.

A special service was held in New Plymouth yesterday to acknowledge the memories with the Eagles Rugby team as they play here at the World Cup.
We are all thinking of it in many ways too.

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