October 19, 2011

Christchurch City Mall Pop-Up Container Precinct... | Stuff.co.nz

Life in post earthquake Christchurch is strangely the same, but different. A year of it has found us living a similar lifestyle - same house, job, friends - so far anyway, but in this lotto city, many are not so lucky and the inevitable changes are happening everywhere. People moving away, moving house, moving into or back to the city ... we are coping with new roads, rough surfaces, flooding in the pot holes, job insecurities, changes in social lives, on top of the usual niggles of life that we always have to face anyway - and surgical waiting lists is currently my problem - or more accurately, waiting to hear from ACC.
Anyway - as we bask in the pleasure of an All Blacks win and huddle round the fire again in the storm hitting Christchurch today, this article reminded me that Canterbury Show Weekend is creeping up fast and they are building a new shopping precinct specially for us - perhaps the world's first pop up container one! We do have a large number of perfectly normal malls here - we are not actually starved of shopping experience, but this might be a novelty to help people want to re-enter the inner city.... it looks more interesting than I thought it would!
Stay warm and go the All Blacks :)


  1. Pop art pop up shopping mall. Interesting. I hope it's practical too. I'm not sure I'd want to be under one in a quake though.

    So no news from ACC. No indication at all?

  2. A few phone calls GB! Mainly to access 15 year old Physio records from another time and place...Sure they want to blame my injury on wear and tear..., so will play the waiting game. Looking at the positive side It is repairable and I have discovered the joys of an Exercycle!


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