October 14, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake: Latest Red Zone Footage

Fresh footage of life from the earthquake zone... it is getting almost impossible to know where we are looking amongst the demolitions, or whether a building is being put up, or pulled down. I hope that people from all over the world watch this - as a reminder of the progress we have made in clearing up the rubble, making the area safer, but also as a nudge to show what could happen in many other places in the world and ask - Are you ready if it is your turn?

The bus tours of the red zone will start next month, apparently, but meanwhile, the deconstruction continues. How quiet the streets look when empty of people, but the noise of the diggers is ever present. Nice to see the trees showing their new leaves. Some hope remains for the future.

Meanwhile, as the World Cup continues and the eyes of the world swing this way to watch, the oil spill from Rena and the containers tipping off the boat are creating an ecological disaster for the Bay of Plenty. This time we get to watch the news in growing disbelief at the plight of the sea birds, the locals, as a beautiful area, renowned for its perfect beaches, comes under threat. I know that Christchurch people will understand their pain and loss.
Kia Kaha Tauranga.

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  1. Yes I heard the bus tours will be starting soon on the news today. I thought it odd, but I understand how it will help many. CHCH will be a beautiful place again once it all settles down. I look forward to it x

  2. watching the footage, my eyes welled up with tears and my heart aches...I continue to pray daily for you all.

  3. I'm not sure which was worse: seeing places that I recognise still there and boarded up or waiting demolition or seeing places that I must once have known and which are just not there any more. Whichever it's disconcerting in the extreme and I'm not even a Cantabrian. However it does bring back the reality that was Napier/Hastings but a mere blip ago in geological terms.

  4. Oh. I've already seen this one. Hmmm. Odd.


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