October 19, 2011

Cone art

This one is for Adrian - who has a "thing" about cones... as you can read in a recent blog entry.- http://kiwiscots.blogspot.com/2011/07/snow-cones-plague-continues.html
We might live in an ever decreasing pile of rubble ( although we know a massive pile is being accumulated elsewhere instead), but a sense of humour is being maintained. There are other examples of cone use in this facebook album, and I have seen pictures of strange mannequins posing around the city too :)


  1. It is true art to find something fun and interesting even in the most banal of objects.

  2. I like almost all art fashioned from everyday objects. We have a man in our town who makes human figures from discarded mufflers, tailpipes, and other car parts. Very amusing.

  3. Adrian's post reminded me of Glasgow where putting traffic cones in impossible and ridiculous places is an art form in itself.


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