October 29, 2011

Container City

The container shops open in Cashel Mall today - not sure I will get there until the crowds get smaller, but in many ways this is a milestone for the shrinking city.
Pictures are from
From http://getlocal.co.nz/2011/jump-start-the-heart-a-village-in-the-red-zone/
They also have a Facebook Album -



We are more used to seeing containers used this way... holding back cliff faces!

I saw this on Facebook this morning - perhaps it helps explain why the container shops are a reason for excitement!

It is a gorgeous sunny day here, the colours of the blossom and flowers are beautiful out of the window,  - and tonight I have an engagement party to go to, followed by a Halloween Party.. off to enjoy it all :)


  1. Golly. I can't imagine what is like to wander through the city now. I guess i'll find out next visit. Although I not keen to fly just at the moment. I like the colours of the containers at least. x

  2. Yes the container are certainly bright and cheerful. I hope that they are well insulated....and bolted down!


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