October 4, 2011

Remembering Lost Christchurch

If you visit this web site, it has some great articles featuring buildings around the city that have been lost due to the earthquakes. It also looks at the history of the buildings....
Another site worth visiting is Ross Beckers Central City Picasa Album where a detailed seres of photos are beng taken of the deconstruction process for the National Library of New Zealand. The links for the website, and also Twitter and Facebook, are all at: http://cera.govt.nz/ross-becker-photos
Although the pictures show us clearly the losses, and remember, we are still banned from the inner city area so cannot see any of this ourselves yet, I am also finding it useful to see what is left! It is offering us all a chance to ask questions, even request photos of specific streets and buildings to be taken. A great job with I think 2 million viewers already from all over the world.
Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand. According to a local software developer who Tweets from the city, this might put the loss into perspective - based on population comparisons, he posted the following figues.
I was driving around the CBD Red Zone cordon this morning. It’s a sorry sight. I thought I’d try and put what’s happening here in Christchurch in the context of other countries.
For those in the USA, imagine if the downtown areas of all these cities combined was evacuated and locked down this second, with no warning:
New York
San Antonio
San Diego
San Jose
San Francisco
Now imagine that 2 out of every 3 buildings in the downtown area of these cities were in the process of being demolished. Now imagine that this will take a year, and in that time, no one is allowed into the area.
You can go to the link to see a similar comparison for Germany.
It is wet and cold today - heavy rain..... A dawn start for my partner so up early myself. I have been busy with finishing term for some students, finishing a full programme for others, union issues, Jaz's progress and surgery - you can read that all on Mark's blog - http://markdadtreacy.blogspot.com/.
Last week it was Poppy's first birthday.... she has new toys and a collar and lead, red of course... Amazingly, she never outgrew the first puppy collar.

This week is also the anniversary of Saffy's death - as spring blossom and daffodils over the city lift our sprits, her gorgeous rose will soon bloom in her memory. Little did we know Poppy was already born, soon to enter our lives and cheer us all up again. :)
Lastly, I got told off by my physio for overdoing the exercycle yesterday ! My fault - lost track of time and did too much. I am just waiting for day surgery and an arthroscope to tidy up the torn cartilage and let me walk normally again. Expect it is too much to hope it will all happen over the two week break I have coming up!!!


  1. It is so very sad to lose wonderful old buildings and treasures of that sort. My heart goes out to you and your countrymen, truly.

  2. I hope that your op comes quickly so that you can get yourself properly mobile again.

    On the subject of the comparisons made by Layton Duncan I see what he's getting at but I'm not entirely convinced that he is comparing like with like.

    Not that that lessens the enormity of the problem and impact of Cantabrians in particular and New Zealanders in general.


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