October 10, 2011

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After another large quake last night (number 7668) we were pleased the power remained on so we could watch the All Black game... A decent 5.5 and we all watched the tv and the fish tank slopping next to it in mesmerized fascination... once upon a time we would have reacted more, but now we all wait to see what it will do!
Almost as soon as Christchurch settled down to watch the All Blacks last night, a magnitude-5.5 aftershock rolled through the city – a rumbling 5.5-pointer felt as far away as Dunedin and Greymouth.
The shock at 8.34pm was the eighth largest since the earthquakes started on September 4 last year and the biggest in magnitude since a 6.3 rumble on June 13.
It was a reminder, as if the city needed it, of exactly why Christchurch lost the Rugby World Cup quarterfinal being played between New Zealand and Argentina at Eden Park in Auckland, which the All Blacks won 33-10.
Prime Minister John Key, with thousands of other rugby-watchers at the Hagley Park fanzone, said it was a "stark reminder" of what Christchurch had experienced.
As the city continues to be demolished, reading articles like this one below about salvaged goods being sold adds to the feeling of frustration.

When people, particularly the central businesses, cannot get access to possessions and are told it is too dangerous to salvage them, of course they are upset at finding them being sold and in good condition. The city has enough to cope with already.... I am sure there are two sides to this story, but with the reports of major looting by those with permission to be in the Red Zone, it is increasingly hard to know what to believe. Rumours will always circulate.

Some aerial photos doing the rounds from an unknown photographer show the increasing bare land in the CBD - and there are more to be deconstructed yet!  This process is strange - you watch the diggers at work and the action on the top of a building and wonder if it is going up or down - for a while it looks like up, and then the arm of the digger strikes out and smashes something....

Square on left leading up diagonally to Polytech and to AMI Stadium on top right.

Rotunda lower right - with Town Hall  and Crown Plaza along right edge. 

Meanwhile I am on holiday and loving it :)


  1. We're rooting for the All Blacks too!

    (As for the looters. An old irishwoman I used to know would say - They'll Have No Luck From It. And I used to hope she was right.

  2. They have described the polytech as an island in a sea of destruction - it is in the top right of the first aerial photo. Personally, seeing as I work on the fourth floor, I am just very grateful it has withstood it all - so far!

  3. I'm puzzled. I generally come to your posts via Networked Blogs but there seems to be problems; either that or I've had my brain closed. Whatever I've missed your recent posts until I saw your post this morning. So I'm catching up.

    Having read the article on what appears to be legalised looting I am absolutely astonished that this hasn't been taken further. Surely the Governmenet cannot condone such a situation?

  4. Think the FB changes upset it all but seems to be working again. There have been arrests now. Possibly too little too late.


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