October 12, 2011

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Not sure if this will work for overseas readers, but here is the first episode of the new series of SPCA Rescue and it covers the rescue of the animals after the feb earthquake. It is of special interest to me because one of their duties was rescuing the pet animals from the polytech. It was an emotional time - and seeing them bring the animals downstairs was very moving for us all. Our wonderful animal room technician Steph was featured in the programme, while we hovered around helping.... she had actually been up there two days after the quake, and then the building was closed so we were pleased to get them out.
Nice to see Bridget and Ian and Ross on there too - many thanks to all the local vets and vet nurses, the Council Dog Pound and the team at the SPCA for an amazing job. Also to all the companies and people that donated food and supplies to feed all the lost pets.

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  1. Unfortunately I can't see the playback and I'll not be able to see it in NZ either because I'm on mobile broadband which is to slow and too limited to cope with videos.


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