October 6, 2011

Steve Job dies: Apple founder Steve Jobs, 56, dies after eight-year battle with pancreatic cancer | Mail Online


Although I remember seeing them around, I discovered Apple late for personal use, preferring the competition for work and play... but in the past five years, after being "educated" by the Mac fanatic I live with, eventually embraced them with increasing enthusiasm. It started with an iMac for the kids, and later my parents, then an iPod or two or three, before I succumbed last year and got an iPhone, followed by an iPad, and finally a MacBook Pro to manage them all. Sometimes I can juggle all the last three... a game on one, downloads on another and checking twitter on another. The iPod touch never far away either as a back up! Sad, but true....

I can say that life with mobile computing, the efficiency of keeping up with messages on the phone, the relaxation of curling up with an iPad, are ongoing pleasures I really appreciate, and so I acknowledge today the sad loss of Steve Jobs as a man with a great vision who worked out we wanted and gave it to us.

Wherever we head in the future, he will be remembered for what he did with personal computing, Pixar and his inimitable style.

RIP and thoughts to his family who have lost so much more than we have.

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