November 24, 2011

Cathedral Square walkway - YouTube

There is another section of the central city reopening for viewing -for a limited period and you have to carry ID ( so reassuring) ... and I don't imagine walking with my crutch would be well accepted when we are not even allowed to do the bus tours.. but at least i can watch the video.

Speaking of crutches, the archived reports from 15 years ago have been discovered and so, I now have a proposed surgery date for my knee next month so I can be "done" before Xmas :) Whether it is covered by ACC or Insurance - the surgeon has pencilled me in and I am hugely relieved. Just a day surgery, scary, but worth it.

Had a lovely sunny day at Peacock Springs with the students today - and we are off to see the "When a City Falls" movie about the earthquake that opens to the public tonight. Packing the tissues.....

Tomorrow I fly to Wellington for the day - bracing myself to travel around all the close up, high rise buildings without fear. I would really prefer to stay here in shaky Christchurch. Despite the earthquakes, I prefer the familiar territory to the unknown.

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  1. Everyhting looks so deserted .

  2. oh I didn't know that, but I don't feel an urge to go there at all. Sorry to hear about your knee. Wish you all the best with your operation

  3. I'm so glad that you now have a date for the surgery. My son was in Wellington a few days ago and despite the fact that he indulges in all sorts of extreme sports I was uneasy about him being in Wellington. How strange is that? Be safe.

  4. I hope you had a good day in Wellington, and that there wasn't too much wind as you landed. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie - will be interested to know how how you felt about it.

  5. Best of luck on the surgery. From the few instances when I've had such things done, I've always found that I am relieved beyond belief just to get the damn thing over with. The waiting is the nasty part.

    I'll say a prayer for success.


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