November 12, 2011

Coffee Experience... Birthday treat :)

Taken at Crafted Coffee Company


  1. Looks cool.........but you need to explain it too me lol xx

  2. I will take you for one soon :)
    I think this sums it up.....

    Almost everything about using a vacuum coffee maker is sensory involved: aromas, fragrance, motion, touch, action. Grind the coffee, add it to the top vessel. Add cold (or hot) water to the bottom. Put the bottom on a heat source. Add the top vessel with its attached siphon. Watch. Liquids defy gravity. The brew gurgles, but it's not boiling. Remove from heat source. Watch the coffee move back down, or "south". Watch the bottom vessel's brewed coffee gurgle as air is drawn through the spent grounds to release the built up vacuum. Remove top vessel. Smell. Ahhh. Pour. Taste. More ahhhh.

    So much science. So much sensory involvement. So much fun. And the taste... Do it right, and you'll wonder not at the fact that so many specialty industry leaders consider this "the best".

  3. Great pic of the coffee making process. I've never seen coffee made this way before. Is this a particular speciality of Crafted Coffee?? Your description has certainly made me want to visit them. Unfortunately there have been lines out the door whenever I've been in there. There need to be more cafes in our container city. And more shops too!
    BTW thanks for visiting Eliza's Dream.
    All the best

  4. It was fun Angus :) We had two!

    Karyn, they do a range of coffee types there - have also seen a siphon used at Black Bettys in Madras St near where i work - will be trying it again there soon.


  5. Never heard of this method of coffee making, either - so, thank you for letting me learn something new this morning!

  6. What a fabulous blast from the past Fiona. We had a Cona Vacuum Coffee maker many many years ago. It made the most wonderful coffee.


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