November 5, 2011

Outward Bound

Early start to get my daughter to the train. She is nearly up at Picton as I write, for a challenging and fun three weeks of outdoor experience.
Soon the ferry will cross them all to Anikiwa and the adventure will begin,,, the texts will stop and a new way of life will start. So excited for her!
She has been helped by Riccarton Rotary and the YWCA and some kind benefactor who donated money to make sure Christchurch people got a chance to go. I think she has everything, except enough insect repellant which she forgot to get more of and might live to regret.. The sand flies are ferocious. She is allowed parcels from home.....
Outward Bound has a web site and her course is here:
Wishing her all the best for her journey up there....Had her final text to say the train has arrived. Soon she will be doing stuff like this :)

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