December 4, 2011

The Beauty of Pollination

Thank you to another Fiona, posting on facebook all the way from France, for making me aware of this :)

We are home from a great night at the Speedway after a glorious and very hot day. Hope the 5.7 quake near Picton and Wellington tonight has not done too much damage. My daughter has been home for a week from an amazing three weeks at Outward Bound in Picton . I flew back from a day in Wellington as she travelled home on the train, so we have both been up in that quake zone recently. I used to really enjoy my visits there but now I worry more about the buildings and being trapped.... although to date all my experiences of being trapped in Wellington have involved fog!

"Wellington is prone to earthquakes because it rests on the point where two tectonic plates meet. Kilometres beneath Wellington the light, thick Australian plate rides over the heavier, but thinner Pacific plate. These plate movements have resulted in three major fault-lines running either through or very close to Wellington City - the Ohariu Fault, the Wairarapa Fault, and the Wellington Fault. It is when one of these faults shifts suddenly that earthquakes occur. The number of earthquakes which occur in Wellington has led to our city becoming one of the world's leading centres for the study and research of earthquake activity and for the development of seismic strengthening techniques in buildings."

I am off to research bat breeding... I had not realised until I saw this video that they carried there young around and suckled them. Learn something new every day.

and ACC approved my surgery - all go in two weeks :)

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  1. Unfortunately I don't have enough bandwith available to view the clip but friends in Levin posted on the quake as it happened. Fortunately it seems to have had little effect on anything other than nerves.

    The comments of people on the Ferry was a bit unnerving I thought.

    I'm glad to hear that you have a date for your surgery. I shall be sending you positive thoughts.

  2. Thanks for that beautiful video clip - the bats are fascinating, and the monarchs in such numbers, quite spectacular.


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