December 26, 2011

Great Christmas

We had a wonderful Xmas ... Early breakfast at my son's house, skyping with Mark and Jaz, the afternoon at my parents, joined by the children as they finished work and so on. A day of great presents and food with just a mild shake really early in the morning, and another just after midnight; none of us checked Richter Scales, or faultlines all day. If they happened, we didn't notice them - but enjoyed a great day catching up with the family.  I hope that even the people who had fresh liquefaction were able to get out for the day to drier areas. It sounds like many people were able to pitch in and help with the shovelling.  Again we sit on the fringes of the wet area - and are grateful beyond words to be safe and unaffected again.
The Boxing Day sales are in full swing, but we have had a few good aftershocks already this morning so the malls might be a scary place to be right now.
Poppy had a lovely Xmas - lots of new people to meet as she came to Carols by Candlelight in Hagley Park on Xmas Eve and had a busy Xmas Day.

Some further footage on the quakes can be seen here - narrated by Mike McRoberts who is originally from Christchurch .

There was an interesting picture on the Daily Mail site today - the one that proclaimed 1 in 10 people will leave Canterbury.  I wish them all well because ultimately you have to do what feels right for your lifestyle, and so many have been hit particularly hard by the impact of the quakes. Looking at the fault lines on this picture below, I hope they are heading north.... imagine heading anywhere along the Alpine Fault line as it snakes it's way up the country.  Meanwile, we look forward to meeting the 30,000 workers needed for the rebuild, from other parts of New Zealand, or other countries. I have already met some that have moved here because of their needed skills, bringing families with them. When we were living in Whangarei, during the Marsden Point Refinery Expansion, the injection of so many fresh views and cultures was a breath of fresh air for the area. Recently, I was pleased to find I have a number of students starting in February who are coming from overseas to study here; so don't believe everything you read. I guess the media always make it sound worse.

I cant put Xmas photos on here... our day involved a lot of toys and balloons and colourful wigs and my life would be in jeopardy if I publish the pictures.... my wig was long silver ringlets and I am not publishing that either !!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas too.


  1. It's good to hear that your day was enjoyable and peaceful and to read such a positive post on the Canterbury situation. I can well believe that if I was affected by one of the red zones and liquefaction and had to move I might consider moving away altogether. If one is moving to grasp an opportunity that could be good but often moving away from something to escape with no goal in mind can simply lead to other problems. There's certainly no easy solutions.

    We had an idyllic and typical Kiwi Christmas Day yesterday in the sun.

    I hope that your operation has been a success and that you are now fully mobile again.

  2. Yes, so good to read that you had a great Christmas, and I admire you for your positive outlook on the whole situation in your area!
    Hats off to the people who move there with their families. I don't believe they are doing it just because it means work and a chance to earn money.

  3. A very Happy Christmas to you ~ Eddie


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