December 23, 2011

Large Aftershocks Rock Canterbury |

Lost track of the quakes today but there were 24 today at one point. Rolling regularly.
House was messy but no major losses.... Small mercy. Power back, fans on to dry carpets, again.
Had a family celebration for Mum's birthday on the west side of the city before heading home to clean up after the 6.0. Good to see all of us there and safe.
There is a video of the 6.0 quake on this page... Worth watching to hear it!!
All I can really say is I am tired. We all are. Resilience is draining!
Grateful for no deaths, but sad for the other eastern suburbs who are flooded yet again. Spare thoughts for them tonight.


  1. BBC was interviewing someone live on air when a quake hit. There is a whole world out there thinking of you all .

  2. My thoughts have been with you all day.

    Keep you and your loved ones safe.

    Bon courage!



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