December 28, 2011

Pescatore Resturant - fine dining. Making banana meringue in liquid nitrogen

Taken at The George Hotel

We had the 10 ( although I lost count and thanks to some extra chef wizardry I think we landed up with 12) course Evolution dinner at Pescatore Restaurant at The George Hotel  tonight. You can see the menu on the first ink - but the reading does not prepare you for the myriad of beautiful ways they present the food. Months of Masterchef watching has made me familiar with the foams, gels, pearls, whips, infusions but it was wonderful to see some of the amazing ways they can combine foods to delight the senses and palate. It was amazing.

My son has been working there all year since his previous work was destroyed in the February earthquake.  He is planning on travelling in 2012 and has given in his notice at work, so tonight we took the chance to eat there before he left; he was our waiter.
What a meal.
And he made us meringues at the table by cooking them in liquid nitrogen. It finishes with the throwing of the remaining nitrogen on the floor and creating a mystical dry ice feel. 

Thank you for a wonderful evening. 
The final cherry.... he paid the bill!

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  1. I have never had a meal with 10 or 12 courses although I was used to fine dining once upon a time. I love meringue for it's texture and I'd be fascinated to see it cooked in liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately many years ago after a bout of flu I lost my ability to taste. It returned to some extent but then after a second bout in 1999 I lost it again and now I have very little sense of taste for subtleties. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much though.


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