December 11, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas...

I had a lovely evening at the CBS Arena watching the Elves and the children celebrate Xmas music with the orchestra. Scott was busy working on stage so I took a friend along. It was the first time I have sung carols this year and it was delightful, particularly fter our day of looking at the ruins of the city.

The stage was gorgeous - only got a photo before the performance...

The children thoroughly enjoyed Craig Smith performing Wonkey Donkey. We got a copy of this for Phoebe - in fact, the toy, the book and the cd, so great to see him perform it with the orchestra and the children up dancing to it. If you don't know it, you can see the song here ..

One of the sing-alongs perfectly captured the Christchurch experience and we all enjoyed it... 

A great night - that restored some of the festive spirit to our lives.


  1. What a wonderful evening - especially the Twelve Days of Christmas!

  2. Glad you are experiencing some festive spirit this season. Of course, things won't ever be the same again, but that does not mean there is not still a lot to be grateful for and happy about.

  3. Librarian has expressed my sentiment perfectly.


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