January 30, 2012

10,000 Quakes..... milestone tonight

See top left, since Sept 4th, replay 9999 quakes...
Screen shot taken Mon Night http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/

The milestone of 10,000 will be met shortly, just before the first anniversary of the Feb 22nd, or 222 quake.

I am glad I didn't know what was ahead when the earth rolled at dawn on that Saturday morning of Sept 4th.  None of us know what to expect even now, but most are just taking one day at a time. There is too much to take in and process, and many things to mourn or be grateful for. Every day brings a new round of emotions and changes to absorb and cope with; stories to gladden your heart of bring tears to your eyes. New challenges.
The city might tear itself apart coping or it might rebuild a wonderful place.  Like politics, it is a problem to separate the myth from the truth, but communication, transparency and honest information is essential to help people to cope. Sadly these are not always provided.

Meanwhile, thank you to everyone who has visited the blog for their support and comments this past year. It has been very helpful to write about it all and allow me to process it in stages.

January 28, 2012

El Caballo Blanco - the Dancing White Stallions

Spent a wonderful evening watching these beautiful horses. The pristine Lippizzaners, and also magnificent Friesians and Andalusians made up the show. They cover demonstrations and information on the training methods used with a capable team of young female riders and the trainer, Rene Gasser. It is an intimate look at the lifestyle of these horses and the perseverance required to teach the moves of Haute Ecole, or Airs Above The Ground. A magical evening for horse lovers - they are heading off to Dunedin next, then back up via Timaru, to Palmerston, Hamilton and Whangarei. I bought myself this poster from the cover of their website to hang in my office, with one I got 10 years ago from a similar tour and next to my Monty Roberts poster from when we helped with his show here. The only three pictures I have in my office will all be of horses... I guess you never get over your first love.

Conkers on the Avon next to the ruins of Oxford Terrace. An eternal reminder of a happy childhood.

Taken at Bridge of Remembrance

January 26, 2012

Dog's uplifting experience unwelcome | Stuff.co.nz

I often worry this might happen when I take Poppy in the lifts at work.... relieved to see the dog was ok.

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Cicada - hidden beauty

What looked like a drab cicada that the cat brought in looked totally different when Scott took it outside again....
Sometimes we miss the beauty of little things.

Lonely Planet Releases Christchurch Chapter | Stuff.co.nz

Christchurch is "innovative and inspiring"...
Lovely words from the Lonely Planet Guide...
They have released the Christchurch Chapter free for everyone..
The book emphasises how the city has a unique opportunity to rethink urban form with draft plans for the city's rebuild including a compact, low-rise city centre, neighbourhood green spaces and parks and cycleways along Avon River.
''Coupled with the endurance and energy of the people of Christchurch, the city's future promises to be both interesting and innovative.''
The 48-page chapter is the first Christchurch guidebook to be released since the February 22, 2011 earthquake.
Lonely Planet associate guidebook publisher Errol Hunt said due to the city's changing nature it was important to get up-to-date information out to travellers as soon as possible.
The 16th edition of the guidebook is due for release in September. However, the Christchurch chapter is available for free online.
The book emphasises how the city has a unique opportunity to rethink urban form with draft plans for the city's rebuild including a compact, low-rise city centre, neighbourhood green spaces and parks and cycleways along Avon River.
''Coupled with the endurance and energy of the people of Christchurch, the city's future promises to be both interesting and innovative.''
Lonely Planet associate guidebook publisher Errol Hunt said due to the city's changing nature it was important to get up-to-date information out to travellers as soon as possible.

January 23, 2012

Golden Bay whale stranding - national | Stuff.co.nz

We have had too many whale strandings in the last year and now, another one today. Someone once said to me that they seemed to correlate to the earthquakes and I see there was a large stranding last year on Feb 21, the day before our quake. Have done some readings and there are some thoughts that they get disturbed by changes in magnetic waves before earthquakes, and others that say that undersea earthquakes disorientate them and cause the strandings.
Today I found myself feeling sad for the whales, and a little concerned it might mean we are in for another big quake - although we have had a few smaller ones today already. Being woken through the night leaves you feeling edgy that way. I guess only time will tell, and meanwhile I hope the locals who are working hard with these whales, are able to save many of them.
The snow has gone - just cool and bleak. Hope summer comes back soon.

January 22, 2012

Snow falls in South Island | NATIONAL News

Surfing at the beach one moment....and to use a current popular phrase, "nek minnit", snow! Today we have had rain and thunder and hail, very cold weather and the odd breakthrough of sun between squalls... four seasons in one day indeed.
I return to work tomorrow - which will be easier in this weather - not missing much at home.
Despite the bad weather we celebrated my father's birthday today with the family getting together. We had hoped to picnic and sail but will try again another weekend for that, assuming summer does return eventually.

January 10, 2012

What to do in Christchurch: your post-quake guide - travel tips and articles - Lonely Planet


Great and positive review on what is happening with some of the new areas of post earthquake ( Oops - I nearly wrote war!) Christchurch at this site... definitely worth a read...

A small extract:

After two weeks on-the-ground research in Christchurch recently– Lonely Planet’s third visit since the February 2011 earthquake – we’re confident the city is one of New Zealand’s bravest and most resilient communities.

Our latest visit was unlike any other Lonely Planet research gig, with virtually all of the bars, cafes and restaurants recommended in our 2010 New Zealand guidebook no longer open. But amid the occasional uncertainty of aftershocks, Christchurch is re-emerging as one of NZ’s most exciting cities.

If you’re heading to the South Island of New Zealand, definitely spend a few days in the city. There’s still plenty to do, and you’ll be supporting the new businesses inspiring Christchurch’s renaissance. Note that there is considerable demand for Christchurch accommodation, and booking ahead is strongly recommended.

For all the locals, it is a good read of whats opened, or re-opening and where to find them.... I am quite enjoying rediscovering old places and discovering some new ones.

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January 6, 2012

Quakeopoly - the shake game.

Losing track of all the quakes these days - but plenty of them rolling in from the eastern Pegasus fault this week. We had two good ones today - particularly interesting one tonight while we were in the Northlands cinema complex - no one moved... but we noticed as we returned to our car, carefully parked in the open, well away from the mall, that the official multistorey car park was closed pending engineeers reports. This is true of many places this week - probably can't get enough engineers to do the checks over the holiday period. We went to see Sherlock Holmes - and enjoyed it.
Apparently we are about 350 away from the 10,000 measured quake mark. Will have to keep an eye on Geonet as it can't be too many days before we reach that milestone. I find it really hard to imagine it has grown to this number - certainly we had no idea of what was in store all those months ago and it must be some sort of record.
Saw this cartoon tonight... think it sums up the situation for many.  Al Nisbet is a local cartooner and you can see mroe of his work by clicking on his name. He has amused us with his view of the world for many years.
You can also read more about Al here: http://www.alnisbetcartoonyoo.com/Meet-Al-Nisbet.html

January 3, 2012

January 2012 Aftershocks May Be Last Gasp Of Fault... | Stuff.co.nz

We had a better night.... long may it last :)
Thought some of you might be interested in this photo. For reference, we live on the top side and outer loop of the green horseshoe to the lower left of "Parklands".. Close enough.
There is a good article too ... for the full article you can click on the link below the photo, but it basically says:
Between midnight and 7.30am yesterday, 21 earthquakes, including magnitude-5.1 and magnitude-5.5 shakes, gave many people a sleepless night.
The quakes were all centred in a patch of Pegasus Bay about 5 kilometres off New Brighton.
A National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research marine survey in April identified the presence of small, splintered faults in the area and further south near Port Levy, each capable of generating quakes of between magnitude 5.0 and 6.0.
Researchers also discovered a larger fault running out to sea off Kaiapoi that some believe could produce a quake of about magnitude 7.0.
Oh joy - you can imagine we are really hanging out for a 7 that close.

January 2, 2012

Setting the trend for 2012

Instead of the usual decay pattern after the two large Friday 23rd earthquakes, we seem to be experiencing a ramp up of activity again.  This is from the Geonet drums overnight.  I think we are all feeling pretty drained and tired today - being dragged from sleep late at night and again at dawn to decent shakes is not easy.  Although not as big, the dawn one reminded me of the Sept 7.1 all over again - very long, rolly, door banging, sirens going off in the still morning air.  Some reports are saying it was two that ran together which would explain the length. We couldn't ignore it the way we had the 1.30 am one, so we got up and dressed... you know - be prepared and all that! 

Taken from Canterbury Quake Live today

Since the 5.48 at 5.45 am, there have been 22 more, all centred in this spot, off shore, directly east from our house.  We are in Burwood.  The power went off right at the start, so I decided returning to bed, with Poppy, fully dressed, was the best way to cope. After checking Twitter and Facebook and the news (3G I love you), I slept through most of the 22 and the power has returned.


I think we had vague plans today - but as some of them involved cleaning up the garage we might just restrict that to picking up fallen items.  It is cool, windy and not so nice out there - so after spending a lovely evening with my parents last night, we might just stay close to home today.  Pack the tsunami kit and restock the batteries kind of day.

Really love being on holiday and feeling alright with some idleness. Just over two weeks post op now too so great to be walking around without a crutch!

Hope you all had a great, shake free start to your New Year!


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