January 30, 2012

10,000 Quakes..... milestone tonight

See top left, since Sept 4th, replay 9999 quakes...
Screen shot taken Mon Night http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/

The milestone of 10,000 will be met shortly, just before the first anniversary of the Feb 22nd, or 222 quake.

I am glad I didn't know what was ahead when the earth rolled at dawn on that Saturday morning of Sept 4th.  None of us know what to expect even now, but most are just taking one day at a time. There is too much to take in and process, and many things to mourn or be grateful for. Every day brings a new round of emotions and changes to absorb and cope with; stories to gladden your heart of bring tears to your eyes. New challenges.
The city might tear itself apart coping or it might rebuild a wonderful place.  Like politics, it is a problem to separate the myth from the truth, but communication, transparency and honest information is essential to help people to cope. Sadly these are not always provided.

Meanwhile, thank you to everyone who has visited the blog for their support and comments this past year. It has been very helpful to write about it all and allow me to process it in stages.


  1. Think that's an occasion worth a sip of Hubby's homebrew cider to celebrate our achievements.

  2. As someone who spent his career in local government I feel deeply saddened by, as well as a degree of sympathy for, those who are running Christchurch at the moment. Unfortunately no training in the world makes people ready to cope with what has been dealt together with their personal stresses of living in the situation as well. However politicians and officials must get on with their jobs regardless with a view to making life more bearable for those they are elected or paid to serve.

    I wish you well and I wish them well.

  3. It has been a rough ride. Take care


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