January 26, 2012

Cicada - hidden beauty

What looked like a drab cicada that the cat brought in looked totally different when Scott took it outside again....
Sometimes we miss the beauty of little things.


  1. Beautiful! Are they all as nicely patterned as this one? I only kknow the black / brown variety.

  2. The only time I get to see a cicada around here is when a certain species of wasp, called a cicada killer, flies into view with one captured. When I've had the chance to really look at one - perhaps the cicada killer dropped it - I've been stunned by the wonderful luminous green color in their outer shell. Very lovely.

  3. Cicadas are beautiful and, if they are sitting on your shoulder, VERY noisy! If they land on your skin they can cling on for dear life and feel really peculiar. We have about 40 types of Cicada in New Zealand out of the 2500 worldwide. I don't know about others but many of the native NZ ones are patterned similarly to the one photographed by Fiona. Insects provide some of the most beautifully intricate spectacles I've seen in wildlife.

  4. Thanks GB - I will have to look at them more clsoely in future!


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