January 28, 2012

El Caballo Blanco - the Dancing White Stallions

Spent a wonderful evening watching these beautiful horses. The pristine Lippizzaners, and also magnificent Friesians and Andalusians made up the show. They cover demonstrations and information on the training methods used with a capable team of young female riders and the trainer, Rene Gasser. It is an intimate look at the lifestyle of these horses and the perseverance required to teach the moves of Haute Ecole, or Airs Above The Ground. A magical evening for horse lovers - they are heading off to Dunedin next, then back up via Timaru, to Palmerston, Hamilton and Whangarei. I bought myself this poster from the cover of their website to hang in my office, with one I got 10 years ago from a similar tour and next to my Monty Roberts poster from when we helped with his show here. The only three pictures I have in my office will all be of horses... I guess you never get over your first love.

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  1. Absolutely magnificent creatures. Perhaps not my first love but I still love them.


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