January 23, 2012

Golden Bay whale stranding - national | Stuff.co.nz

We have had too many whale strandings in the last year and now, another one today. Someone once said to me that they seemed to correlate to the earthquakes and I see there was a large stranding last year on Feb 21, the day before our quake. Have done some readings and there are some thoughts that they get disturbed by changes in magnetic waves before earthquakes, and others that say that undersea earthquakes disorientate them and cause the strandings.
Today I found myself feeling sad for the whales, and a little concerned it might mean we are in for another big quake - although we have had a few smaller ones today already. Being woken through the night leaves you feeling edgy that way. I guess only time will tell, and meanwhile I hope the locals who are working hard with these whales, are able to save many of them.
The snow has gone - just cool and bleak. Hope summer comes back soon.


  1. It is both sad and strange but whales seem to beach themselves for no apparent reason everywhere. We have them doing the same (only in much smaller numbers) in the Outer Hebrides where earthquakes are not recorded.

  2. Hope you're not right. Very sad picture.

  3. What a terribly sad photo. I hope that many of them can be saved, and that you don't have a big earthquake.

  4. No earthquakes, but not great news for the whales - only about 17 have survived... many have been put down today.


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