January 6, 2012

Quakeopoly - the shake game.

Losing track of all the quakes these days - but plenty of them rolling in from the eastern Pegasus fault this week. We had two good ones today - particularly interesting one tonight while we were in the Northlands cinema complex - no one moved... but we noticed as we returned to our car, carefully parked in the open, well away from the mall, that the official multistorey car park was closed pending engineeers reports. This is true of many places this week - probably can't get enough engineers to do the checks over the holiday period. We went to see Sherlock Holmes - and enjoyed it.
Apparently we are about 350 away from the 10,000 measured quake mark. Will have to keep an eye on Geonet as it can't be too many days before we reach that milestone. I find it really hard to imagine it has grown to this number - certainly we had no idea of what was in store all those months ago and it must be some sort of record.
Saw this cartoon tonight... think it sums up the situation for many.  Al Nisbet is a local cartooner and you can see mroe of his work by clicking on his name. He has amused us with his view of the world for many years.
You can also read more about Al here: http://www.alnisbetcartoonyoo.com/Meet-Al-Nisbet.html


  1. Nisbet's comments on life in Chch usually raise a chuckle. I loved his one this morning on the Current Chch Tsunami Warning System. Cartoons like this are invaluable in raising our spirits as we wait for the 10,000th shake.

  2. I feel humble that you can go through all you have and think this is funny. I guess it's one of the 'funny cos it's so true' jokes. I check out the quake meter most days - as if my knowing about it could possibly make it easier on you..!?

    I lived in Chch for four years and love the place. I am glad they seem to be heading offshore.

  3. Wow first time I've been to your blog and I have really enjoyed your posts. It puts a lot of how we are all doing into words. I live in Burwood so I definitely can relate! That game is awesome! I know several people who are going to hold a party when we reach the 10 000 shake!

  4. Baaahaha Quakeopoly! Where can I get my copy??

  5. I would think that would make a good real game to sell, perhaps with profits going to aid quake victims?


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