January 22, 2012

Snow falls in South Island | NATIONAL News

Surfing at the beach one moment....and to use a current popular phrase, "nek minnit", snow! Today we have had rain and thunder and hail, very cold weather and the odd breakthrough of sun between squalls... four seasons in one day indeed.
I return to work tomorrow - which will be easier in this weather - not missing much at home.
Despite the bad weather we celebrated my father's birthday today with the family getting together. We had hoped to picnic and sail but will try again another weekend for that, assuming summer does return eventually.

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  1. Coming from the Scottish Outer Hebrides where 4 seasons in a day is not considered abnormal I should not be surprised but I am. I am also rather disappointed because HB's legendary good weather seems to have deserted us. Mind you at 0545 this morning and 6 deg and a completely clear sky I was puzzled by the partly cloudy showers I am experiencing according to the TV this morning.


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