January 10, 2012

What to do in Christchurch: your post-quake guide - travel tips and articles - Lonely Planet


Great and positive review on what is happening with some of the new areas of post earthquake ( Oops - I nearly wrote war!) Christchurch at this site... definitely worth a read...

A small extract:

After two weeks on-the-ground research in Christchurch recently– Lonely Planet’s third visit since the February 2011 earthquake – we’re confident the city is one of New Zealand’s bravest and most resilient communities.

Our latest visit was unlike any other Lonely Planet research gig, with virtually all of the bars, cafes and restaurants recommended in our 2010 New Zealand guidebook no longer open. But amid the occasional uncertainty of aftershocks, Christchurch is re-emerging as one of NZ’s most exciting cities.

If you’re heading to the South Island of New Zealand, definitely spend a few days in the city. There’s still plenty to do, and you’ll be supporting the new businesses inspiring Christchurch’s renaissance. Note that there is considerable demand for Christchurch accommodation, and booking ahead is strongly recommended.

For all the locals, it is a good read of whats opened, or re-opening and where to find them.... I am quite enjoying rediscovering old places and discovering some new ones.

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  1. I have just found your blog (via a circuitous route from twitter and through other blogs) and I too was energised by this article. There have been far too many 'just get out of Christchurch it will never recover' comments lately that have made my blood boil with the sheer ignorance of the commenters. This piece came at the right time to show they are wrong. I knew about and/or visited most of rhe places they emntion but there is a small joy in seeing favourites mentioned and in discovering one or two possible new favourites. All in all a great, positive read.


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