February 21, 2012

12:51 - A Year On

This links to an interesting anniversary page about the earthquakes.

Fran Vertue, http://www.christchurchpsychology.co.nz/news-and-views/christchurch-earthquakes-ongoing-stress/ was on television tonight. She said that for the people in Christchurch, tomorrow is all about loss. Whether the lives of loved ones, or jobs, homes, businesses, familiar places, city centre, everyday normality or the security of the earth we walk on, we are all affected in some way.
How can 24 seconds change so many lives so dramatically.
I had hoped to go to the service tomorrow - but my work must take precedence. I will reflect at 12.51, wherever I am and just be glad to have survived to do so.

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  1. The folks in New Zealand are still in our prayers...we have several friends there, they are constantly on my mind. We have had some horrendous weather here, seems like the weather patterns and earth plates are in a quandry, and it bothers me.


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