February 20, 2012

Christchurch Earthquake | Nature returns as city... | Stuff.co.nz

Fresh video of the inner city, just for some idea of what is gone, going, staying.
Pretty depressing really. I am trying to see somepositives in the extra space and light the new city might have - if it is rebuilt there.
Because I work on the south east edge of the cordon, I get to see much of it as I drive around the fencelines, but this is still hard to watch. Too many memories.

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  1. It breaks my heart to see that beautiful city in ruins.

  2. I recognise so little of it now. Heartbreaking doesn't begin to describe it.

    1. Heartbreaking and totally disorientating too. No idea where we are seeing a lot of the time and when his commentary stops, I feel lost! The still image that shows the video is just a short walk up the road from work and where we often used to eat lunch.... but then, new places have sprung up near us too - we are exploring new stuff :)

  3. Article on the front pge of todays Guardian about how quiet downtown Christchurch is at night.


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