February 15, 2012

Kiwi deaths spur reminder to dog owners | Stuff.co.nz

This disturbing pictures shows native New Zealand Kiwi birds that have been kept frozen and are being displayed for a photo to drive home a message. They have all been killed by dogs roaming free in the bush in the north of New Zealand. It is a timely reminder to keep your pets on a lead when out with them. We are trying to build up Kiwi numbers, along with many other endangered birds.
In NZ there is also the risk of dogs coming into contact with the 1080 poisoning laid to reduce the Possum population.
There are reports from the UK this week that people are rescuing dogs that have fallen into iced-over rivers. One man was killed after he also fell through the ice. The message from one of the men who was able to get his dog out safely was keep your dogs under control and on a lead to stop it happening.

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  1. Here Here to all points in this post! Not just in NZ but everywhere.


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