February 25, 2012

Rowing Club Rooms from Locksley Ave... Beside the Avon

Taken at Dallington

Came on this as I drove home tonight after a concert. Sadly this is the Rowing Club at Kerr's Reach - a red zone area. We think they were due to be demolished, but not sure yet if all the boats had been removed or not. Arson is increasing in the red zones and it is a really good reason to demolish buildings quickly when people leave the area or their homes.

This photo of one of the club rooms was taken just today by SandyEm - and there are others of the area too...


  1. Hopeful that if this was intentional the arsonists are caught and punished!

  2. It is arson, but no one has been caught... There were boats in it so over $100,000 lost inside :)


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