March 5, 2012

Alex's Yellow Brick Road

In keeping with family tradition, Alex has started a blog to keep us up to date about his travels through the Northern hemisphere... he left late friday night and did a first post - and has made contact from London this morning - just as I was starting to wonder if London wi-fi was not as accessible as I thought!
But he is fine - and you can follow his journey from London and across partsof Europe here too. There are only two entries so far.... but many more to come.


  1. Fi, it was lovely to read about your son's travels. My two daughters both emigrated to London before the days of blogs, and I'm envious at your being able to follow his travels this way. Love the Dr Seuss quote!

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  3. Blogging really is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. I hope Alex keeps it up for you.

  4. I popped over and read up to date (Alex's post 10 March). It's been fascinating to look at London through his eyes and go with him on his journey.


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