March 9, 2012

Bringing Down The Crown Plaza - Third Largest Demolition in Christchurch

This grand hotel is next to the Town Hall... where Scott worked for so long. For many years we have enjoyed visiting it for meals, walking over the connecting air bridge for late night coffees after shows, meeting up for "ladies" afternoon teas, nibbling on decadent stacks of cakes and tiny sandwiches presented on tiered platters, relaxing in the easy chairs with the gentle tinkle of the grand piano or the jazz singer in the foyer.

The work parties... riding up and down in the glass lifts.

Visiting friends who were staying there at conferences, business trips and dining downstairs at the Teppenyaki or Simo's.

And now she is going... like the Convention Centre across the road, while the fate of the Town Hall waits to be announced. It is not a hopeful future for Kilmore St.....or Christchurch.

I miss all those things.

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  1. such a sad state of affairs for you...

  2. I saw that. It's really awful. I spent many a night in the CP. I also remember how happy all the staff were at how well the building had survived the September quake.

  3. Christchurch is changing significantly. Very weird. Didn't know Simo's used to be there. He is now in Addington. Really good food

  4. At Xmas 2010 we were given a voucher for dinner at the Victoria Street Cafe, which we redeemed on Saturday 19 February 2011. It seems so strange now to think that we will never dine there again.

  5. It's heartbreaking that our city will never be the same again. I try to think about the new city that will, phoenix like, rise up from the rubble one day.

  6. Must feel very strange for all these things to change around you

  7. Gosh. Your description mirrored or at least reminded me of a life lived so many years past. Different buildings in a different country with a different piano and a different jazz group but nevertheless the same memories. Quite a jolt to the memory and the emotions.


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