April 23, 2012

Adrienne Rewi Online: House and Garden

Please visit Adriennes's post about the abandoned homes of the Red Zoned suburbs of Christchurch. She asks why more people are not looking through the areas.... and I replied because I felt like a rubbernecker, particularly in the earlier days post quake... but I do want to look - to see the houses before the diggers take them away forever. One day the land they are on may become the new Avon River Park and revert to wetlands. In some places, the land wil be "remediated" and eventually resold to other families. But for those that lived there until now, they will probably never be able to return, financial reasons mainly, so it really is the end of an era. Memories will be all there is left.
I do intend to visit the Horseshoe Lake area across the river we live beside - just picking the right time.
I read this week that many of the local villas from these areas are being sold to rural areas and towns further south rater than being relocated with their owners. The strict covenants in new local Christchurch subdivisions means they can build with new materials only... and some of the apparent restrictions such as types of pets, and not owning cars older than three years old! How welcoming... I hope I never have to live there!


  1. WHAT! A restriction that one can't own a car more than 3 years old being attached to ownership of property. That strikes me as being completely outwith the ability of the law to provide for; completely impossible to enforce and totally contrary to human rights legislation. Pets may, unfortunately, be a different matter because of the argument about the effect on neighbours although I'd have a very serious go at challenging that in an area of individual houses (ie not flats or apartments where an animal ban could possibly be justified).

  2. Well geez, I'm sure that no pets and no old cars will keep them from suffering natures fury! Really?! Makes ya wonder that is for sure!

  3. I hope I never have to live in one of those subdivisions either. Our car certainly wouldn't qualify. Plus, I understand no outside washing lines allowed, and I like things dried naturally.

  4. There are some interesting comments appearing in the news articles - look at the bottom of some of these links...

    This is the one that revealed soem fo the covenants

    and also

    New article today on the issues


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