April 24, 2012

Autumn splendour in Christchurch

The autumn colours have appeared in style and I took this photo on the bridge on Stanmore Rd yesterday morning - looking down The Avon as it meanders through another slice of the Red Zone.
Some gorgeous sunny days over the holidays have been started with crisp, near freezing mornings and cold clear nights so we decided to buy Poppy her first coat... sort of strange to go clothes shopping for your dog. A new experience for me, but to be honest I think I might buy one for Jessie too - it is polar fleece lined and showerproof. I didn't worry about Poppy last winter, but her coat is much thinner now and Jess is older - 13 now, and might appreciate some extra warmth.

Now Poppy glows in the dark!

We got the last stitch out from her nose today, finally, after trying and only getting one out last night, as she wasn't happy about them being tugged on. A stealth attack in the office with some pointy scissors by my colleaugue while I applied a headlock finally saved the day!  Chopped chicken in the cafeteria soon took her mind off it all - for a small dog she has a voracious appetite...part labrador, part bichon?


  1. I just adore Poppy. I hope she is all better now. It is so sad to see the beloved city in pics. I loved Autumn the best.

  2. That's right! It's Autumn down your way! It is, by far, my favorite season.

  3. It's slowly becoming cooler up here in Tauranga. (I loved the ceroc flash mob!)
    And, don't be envious of me- I'm no-where tropical. It's all wishful thinking while I work hard in my studio for my exhibition.

    PS do spare many thoughts for you all. I have a friend who lives in Chch, and we have long talks.

  4. Beautiful pics! And good news about Poppy :-)

  5. Glad Poppy's got her stitches out now. I bet she is too. A glowband is a great idea for these dark evenings. Now all she needs is a red flashing rear light!


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