April 10, 2012

Easter Break

Did you feel like this after over indulging on chocolate????

We have had a lovely weekend with the family. Plenty of good food and times together.

We missed Alex being with us, but he is having a great time in Europe. His recent blog post is on Venice, but he has now arrived in Hvar, an island off Croatia in the Mediterranean. He will be there helping at a hostel for a few weeks. It's a tough life....

Took some Easter eggs out to Jaz, Mark and the girls on Friday and caught up over dinner. They have also had a lovely weekend... have a look at their blog post :)

Mark found a lump on Poppy's nose. It seems to have come up really quickly.

After doing some research I felt pretty sad about it on Saturday as even though she is young, it could be a Mast Cell tumour, which is malignant, but it could also be a benign histocytoma, or a few other things. I decided to take a leaf out of Jaz's recent post, about living in the NOW, as she waits for her own MRI results, and so we will worry about the worst case scenario when, and if, it becomes a real problem rather than an imagined fear. Poppy is having the diagnostics done on Friday and the growth can be removed at the same time. Meanwhile she is her usual inquisitive, entertaining self and knows no different, apart from some extra cuddles, and everyone focusing on the side of her nose!

We finished last term with our graduation of last years classes. An impressive turn out of students... with a real sense of achievement at getting their qualification despite the catastrophic events of the year - which meant an extra hard challenge for many of them. The sense of camaraderie of all being in it together created some friendships and memories I will never forget. Congratulations to you all.... and I know many of you are not in this picture, but I can't put them all here.

And to the great friends I get to work and play with, thank you for a massive year of effort and team work.

The lovely long hot and sunny weekend is over - the leaves are turning colour and the hint of winter is in the chill of the evenings... but life is good and I am having two weeks break. Bliss...
Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Lovely celebratory photos. Sorry to hear about Poppy. Hope you can relax and enjoy your well-earned holiday.

  2. Hoping the best for Poppy! And these are truly reasons to celebrate - Easter, a family get-together, and the admirable achievement of the class in spite of everything that happened.
    How nice that they all allow you to show their pictures on here! I'd never get my friends/family/colleagues to agree to that...

  3. I've become quite a follower of your family (I've just finished catching up with Alex's blog) and it's good to get an update and see you in your family situation and to see Jaz's return with such a positive post.

    I hope all goes well for Poppy.

  4. Thanks Ruth and Mieke...
    and most of the photos were also on facebook, so they have passed the approval test :)

  5. Love that you shared all of the photos. Sending good energy to Poppy and I always chuckle when you folks talk about the weather turning cold when we are just now seeing Spring. So fun to have worldwide friends.

  6. I do love the bunny/chocolate centerpiece! I'll say a prayer for Poppy.

  7. I have most definitely felt like that after eating too much chocolate :)

    I am sending many positive thoughts that the bump on Poppy's nose is benign. I am thinking of you.

  8. Thanks for that picture of Bearty, I love it! She's now my Ipod screen saver :)x


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