April 17, 2012

In the news this week…

Thank you Claudia. 
You have said many things I have been wanting to say lately and better than I would. Please read her full post at this headline for an update on post #Eqnz Christchurch.

In the news this week…

New Cardboard Cathedral announced

A “temporary” Anglican cathedral will be constructed on the St John’s site on Latimer Square, overlooking the CTV site.  (In Christchurch “temporary” means about 20 years or so).
Actually I quite like the look of this design.  It’s not the same as what’s been lost, but it’s uplifting.
There’s been a bit of debate going around about the de-construction of our Anglican Cathedral.  The Bishop has come under a lot of criticism – and some of it seems to be getting quite venomous and personal.  One of the most vocal opponents is the Christchurch Wizard, who claims to have spoken curses against the Bishop and Church leadership.
I was always taught that in intelligent debate, when one side resorts to personal attack, it’s often a sign of lacking rational argument.
I was pleased to hear about this:

An open letter of support from 70 churches and Christian organisations was presented to the Anglican Bishop of Christchurch.  The photo shows ministers from Pentecostal, Baptist and Brethren churches, as representative of the many denominations. 
As a city we need to work together, with unity, as we rebuild.  I found it encouraging to see the unity of Christian Churches working together.  A lot of this is “below the radar” and “behind the scenes”, but in my own opinion, if it wasn’t for the Christian Churches in this city working together in the aftermath of the earthquakes, we’d have been in a lot worse state city wide.
Yet these feeling of hope are clashing with a more sobering news issue:
The “New Homelessness”
There have been stories emerging of lower income tenants being pushed out of the rental market, as a shortage of available rental homes, an influx of tradespeople working on the rebuild, and displaced homeowners moving out of “red-zoned” houses.  Rents are becoming more than many people can afford.  When houses become available, 20 or 30 prospective tenants will apply, and often begin trying to outbid each other.
Here are three stories that have been in the press this week.


  1. Good story about the Cardboard cathedral on the main page of the BBC website.

  2. I think it's a very attractive design.
    But you are right about the damage that division causes. "Divide and rule" is so true, and I am concerned that the Anglican church is too busy squabbling amongst itself to deal with the real challenges from outside.

  3. I don't know what the old one looked like, so perhaps I'd be quite attached to it if I lived there, but I like the new one's design, a lot!

  4. Thanks Jim and Jenny and Angus
    It has been interesting watching the debate rage over the iconic central cathedral, while the beautiful Basilica, that is equally damaged, seems to be ignored. Christchurch seems to feel they own the Anglican one, but not the Catholic one...
    I think the central building had become unsuitable for current needs - a rebuild allows the changes to take it into the next hundred years, in a safe manner. However, it is also possible there will be so much backlash a repair has to happen and whether we will ever want to sit under all those huge stones again will remain to be seen!

    Meanwhile, this new design is to go on the site where my sons church was based - and ultimately, they are lending the cathedral the land for the next 10 years, and will then use the church themselves for as long as they can - with careful reroofing it could last up to 50 years apparently which is win win for that congregation as the insurance cover they have received post earthquake will not rebuild their beautiful church!

    it is hard for us to watch so many heritage buildings go, but part of me is looking forward to all the modern, warm, sustainable eco friendly buildings that might take their places......


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