April 14, 2012

Poppy recovers

Sorry not to post this yesterday - there have been problems for me posting today through usual means, so finally accessed blogger properly - I really thought it would have gone through yesterday, but no - sigh..

Anyway, for those of you not on Facebook, Poppy is recovering well.
It looks like it is a benign histiocytoma, and it has all been removed and she is fine. A huge relief! It might have settled and disappeared on its own, but we all felt, if in doubt, get it out, so it has gone. We saved it to examine in more detail later, just in case something reappears.

The appearance of a raised, hairless and bright red "angry" looking skin lump on a young dog is characteristic of a histiocytoma. This is often alarming to dog owners; as it they often appear suddenly, almost overnight. Histiocytomas are not painful, and most dogs do not even seem to notice them, despite the fact that they lump may be ulcerated. Click here to view photos of a histiocytoma in a young dog.
Where are histiocytomas seen?
Dogs less than three years old are the most common presentation, and the head, ears and limbs are the most common locations to find histiocytomas.

Histiocytomas will spontaneously regress in 2- 3 months. If in doubt, biopsy will provide an answer as to the nature of the lesion.
A lovely neat job by the wonderful team at The Vet Centre, Riccarton.

She has been wearing the "cone of shame" to stop her scratching at her stitches. She certainly seems embarrassed when she greets other dogs...
Yesterday she was wobbly and sleepy, but today she seems fully recovered.

Thank you for all your thoughts and wishes  - greatly appreciated.


  1. Glad to know Poppy is on the mend and it wasn't anything malign!

  2. Great news. Good luck with the cone of shame !

  3. Excellent news; I was glad to hear that.
    As for the cone of shame: my youngest kittie had to wear that for a time after an operation scar from her hysterectomy didn't heal cleanly. And the cone disoriented her so much – it kept catching in cracks between tiles on the floor. Kittie was massively disoriented and stressed, and I was really worried and distressed about her health in consequence ... I hope Poppy has a better experience.

    1. She coped well but we took it off for spells on day two and then for good on day three... She still knocks it and licks it but looking ok :)


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