May 19, 2012

Early Morning Glow for Christchurch

This beautiful photo of Christchurch was featured on the TV one news the other night . The early morning sun shining on the remaining high rises (look closer and you can see the cranes at work "deconstructing" most of them!)
The first snow, tinged with a rosy glow, has appeared on the mountains this week too - and some arctic weather and temperatures came with it. It is meant to be -4C tomorrow morning but followed with a clear sunny day.
Many thanks to Heidi's Circuit ( she is on facebook) for taking it. I can't find any other way to acknowledge her - but for locals, her business web page is>


  1. In this age of over-used superlatives I suppose if I said that it was rather good it would have more impact than if I said that it was superb.

  2. Thanks GB. My office is not far from the high rises and I. A watch them coming down. Was nice to see a big picture view and get perspective again :)

  3. Absolutely love this photo. Please pass on my thanks to the photographer for allowing you to share it with us.


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