May 21, 2012

The ground is still settling....

A busy day of earthquakes for Christchurch, with a good 4.8 winding up a shaky day yesterday. It was a worse day for Italy with their large, shallow and deadly Bologna shake. At least four people have been confirmed dead so far and many injured. The pictures of rubble and cracked buildings in the news have a haunting familiarity for us all here and our thoughts are with all those dealing with the situation. I was relieved to hear that Alex slept through it all in nearby Citta' di Castello, Umbria.

We, along with many other people, went for a walk in the newly opened up Gloucester St part of the CBD yesterday. There is still massive demolition of the high rises everywhere you look, as you can see by the cranes at work, but it is the gaps that feel the worst. Disorienting, no memories, struggling to picture the old layouts.

Men and cranes.... gradually removing facades ...

You get a real feeling of life interrupted with offices untouched since February 2011.


  1. It's amazing to hear this Fi. I've heard nothing about these quakes. Maybe a certain number of people have to killed before it hits the world news radar?!

  2. I still feel quite strange when I hear about earthquakes. The Italian one seems to have been quite bad and the small number of casualties for the severity of the quake is surprising. Reading your comments on Christchurch suddenly brought back memories of what Liverpool looked like after the WW2 bombings.

  3. And today (Friday) we've had a 5.2, with another 16 over the past 24 hours. It just keeps on keeping on.


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