May 25, 2012

Large Christchurch Aftershock - gee what a surprise....

The long anticipated larger aftershock has happened - a good 5.2 and all in all 9 quakes in 100 minutes ... with one the other side of our river at Horseshoe Lake. If you go to this link there is a recent quakes table too.
After a week from hell in so many areas I am too tired to really care. However, I am grateful that the house is fine, I wasn't at work on the fourth floor when it hit.
In other news, it was Scott's birthday yesterday but we shelved the planned dinner celebrations with the children when James rang to say Jess had been knocked off her bike and was off to A and E ... poor girl was in a lot of pain and full of morphine, panadol, nurofen and codeine when we got to the hospital. Her arm is fractured across the humerus below the shoulder joint, so she will have to sleep sitting up for a few weeks but she was able to come home today. This is the Richardson family's second time for an ambulance this month.... they do a great job!!!
Meanwhile Jaz is continuing with her treatment with the oncologist and facing the next round of her battle with "the beast". You can follow her journey at It was great to have lunch with them last week.
Heading north shortly for dinner with friends in Waikuku. Hope the quakes are smaller but as most of them are centred just off the coast there it might be a vain hope.


  1. So sorry. Hope you have a quiet weekend.

  2. Sounds like little wibble wobbles from the planet are the least of your worries. Thinking of your family - take care.

  3. I long ago ran out of words so far as the quakes are concerned but the ill luck befalling your family must surely come to an end very very soon. I certainly hope it does.


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