June 27, 2012

Fresh footage from inside the Christchurch central red zone

I have found it increasingly overwhelming lately to cope with all the demolition. I drove down the newly opened Durham St this week and wanted to cry. It was so hard to see the gaps, many filled with memories, but struggling to work out what had gone, what was left, what was going, and drive without tailgating anyone. I really need to go back and walk it properly. The city looks like a hive of activity, with cranes busy on the high rise buildings. It still takes a while to accept that they are busy taking things down, not building them up, and that many of those left, as you can see in this video, are marked for deconstruction.

Adrienne Rewi put up some great pictures tonight of the state of the city. Definitely worth a look.


  1. I can imagine it must be emotionally upsetting. We're having a lot of demolition and construction going on in my town lately although not for your kind of reasons. But watching one demolition site in particular over a period of time gives me a better idea what it might be like on a larger scale. I can only hope that soon you'll see new buildings rise instead.

  2. Heartbreaking doesn't come near to describing it.


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