June 7, 2012

MetService New Zealand- Snow of June 2012....

A great photo of the cold gripping the country. Today we are basking in sunshine after a bitterly cold -5C night here in Christchurch. It was even colder in Hanmer Springs at -10C.

The trees were broken and bowed, so we have a few branches to clean up again, but they are now dripping in a steady shower of melted snow. The ice caused a lot of damage for those who braved the roads this morning, evident by the number of crushed cars on the roadside when we ventured out mid afternoon. Many schools and businesses remained closed today, including polytech, so I spent most of the day sorting out student queries and writing assessments while trying to keep warm.. I do miss a roaring log fire and of course, our gas cylinders ran out so no flickering flames. The heat pump is great, except for its habt of entering a defrost mode, even with regular checking for ice on it, so we have hauled out the old oil heater too. Poor James and Jess spent a cold night with no power, which is really hard for Jess as she has to sleep sitting up because of her broken arm. Luckily the power came back on this morning....

Off to see Riverdance tonight :) So glad the roads are all cleared and we should get there with no problems - thanks Alex, Avenues Magazine and The Press for the tickets :)

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  1. I'm glad that at least you are getting to see Riverdance. Seeing that live must really lift the spirits.


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