June 23, 2012

NZ Veterinary Conference meets the All Blacks

It has been a great week in Hamilton at the conference... despite the wet weather earlier in the week, we got to enjoy some quality catch up time, learning and fun, with the sun appearing for the last two days.  A great show by the NZ Veterinary and Veterinary Nursing Associations at Claudelands Event Centre.  And not one earthquake :)

Some of us got to stay at the Novotel - which was very comfortable, and we were particularly pleased to be joined by some great company as they prepared for their third test match up there,  against Ireland, tonight.  I think we all made the effort to eat breakfast with them downstairs, and hang around the bar whenever we could to see the boys... as one of my older friends commented - "I got Dan Carter's autograph for my grandsons". Her husband caught my eye with a smile, as we both know they have no grandchildren!  The caption on the photo leads to a link of the photo taken of them training in Hamilton.  Fingers crossed for a great game this evening.


It was also wonderful for me to catch up with some friends from Queenstown. We have not been in the same city for 15 years but made time this week for lunch in town and a quick visit to see their new home on the way to Cambridge. Thanks Lou and Mike for a lovely time!

Back to reality today - Poppy was suitably excited to see me and has been hovering close today, while I cleaned and tidied and washed clothes.  Scott would like to but he is off working with the Christchurch Symphony Orchesta instead at Wigram Air Museum, one of their more unusual post earthquake performance venues.

As well as the game later, I am going to help another friend, Trudi, celebrate her 40th. She was one of my students in 2000, and is now finishing her nursing degree. I was away and missed the party for her 30th, but will be making up for it tonight! Despite some trawling and many happy memories I cant find a photo she will thank me for to put on here... but I will say Happy Birthday Trudi xxx

In fact it has been a week of birthdays because while I was away, Jess and Kirsty both had theirs, and we celebrated them before I left with a family gathering... and Tiramisu Mousse cake...

Really a fabulous week all round :)


  1. I like the idea of tiramisu mousse cake - yum!!!

  2. That cake looks yummy and so glad you were able to catch up with friends.

  3. It's always wonderful catching up with people. Tiramisu mousse cake? Hmm. Not sure about that. But then I'm a savoury person.

  4. I do so love rugby, although we're not very good at it here. Marvelous sport.


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