June 6, 2012

A snow day in Christchurch

Yes - another day off this week - well, working from home, but polytech is closed and we are safely home beside the fire.  I set off for work at 7.30 am, but the thickening snow made me realise that returning home would become an issue, so I turned back. Shortly after, work closed....buses stopped and the city ground to a halt in a blanket of huge, gentle snowflakes.

The garden soon vanished.....

Poppy has been out snow dancing - kicking up flurries and delighting in the wet loveliness of the snow... she wanted me to join her outside..

She came in a bit bedraggled...

But soon made herself at home by the fire.

No playing with her friends today....

Meanwhile Phoebe discovers snow for the first time.....

And these were taken by a friend looking out of our work high rise just before they closed for the day... looking over the Basilica and Barbadoes St..

Out to the North - cranes and ruins galore.

In Christchurch, snow from the cold blast has hampered power supplies, crippled the airport, closed bus services, schools and the university, and prompted workers to head home early.
Christchurch airport was running off a generator at the request of power supplier Orion, in a bid to free up supplies for the city.
Public transport operator Metro pulled its buses off the road at 11am, after earlier curtailing services at the foothills, rather than risk the slippery snow-covered roads higher up.

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend said most Christchurch workers had turned up to their jobs, with only some people living in hill suburbs being forced by the snow to stay home.
By late morning it was still snowing and some employers were sending staff home, with others planning to finish early.
"It's absolutely pelting down at the moment," he said shortly after 11am.
Problems with power supply were made worse when a falling tree and car crashing into a power pole cut power to hundreds of homes in Bexley, Prebbleton, West Melton, Harewood and McLeans Island.
Schools, kindergartens, the courts, Canterbury University and many rural roads were closed across Christchurch and Canterbury, and power was off in Hanmer Springs, where the snow was even heavier.
Scott just took these round the house.

In other news,  Alex has won tickets to the show Riverdance that is on here tomorrow night, and as he is off enjoying the heat and ground trembles of Northern Italy, he has given them to me. Just hope the tickets make it to us in the mail tomorrow as no mail deliveries today in the snow, and of course, that we can get there! I am really looking forward to it - and especially nice as it is his 21st on the 12th and I get the present!  Hard to think of him celebrating so far away....  
Stay warm and safe everyone


  1. My first comment went west into the blogvoid so hope this one makes it through the "system". Summer not yet arrived here in Vancouver, but hope you're enjoying the novelty of snow for at least a little bit. Bit of a milestone here with Blair selling his beloved VW! Won't be the same without her gracing our back drive way! Glad J is mending well!

  2. Not a lot of novelty - a lot of keeping warm though, while hoping for no power cuts, or earthquakes! Been nice to hang out with Liam and Kirsty and Scott all day though :)
    Yes we heard "Michelle" had been sold - truly the end of an era. Onward and upward for Blair.

  3. I sincerely hope that you don't have any quakes or power cuts. That would be an even greater problem with the snow. It's so long since I experienced snow that I almost miss it.


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