June 8, 2012

Terrace on the Park Apartments | Timelapse Video... | Stuff.co.nz

Joe Morgan

Time-lapse video showing the demolition of the Terrace on the park apartment complex.

Many people probably imagine all the demolitions of the high rises here in Christchurch are like you see on tv... a few well placed sticks of explosive and a controlled fall to the ground. In reality, none have been done this way. The doomed building has a thick layer of dirt laid around the bottom to protect the roads, ( the carpet of death) and then the diggers get to work. The first towers in this apartment complex were "dirty demolitions", too unsafe to be stripped out, and for days peoples possessions were laid open to view. Gym equipment, electronic goods, furniture. They had been unable to enter to salvage it all, although I suspect a few had returned and grabbed what they could of the smaller possessions immediately post-quake.

This final tower was finally condemned recently, but it has obviously been cleaned out and anything possible to be will be recycled.

Six days of careful deconstruction captured in time-lapse, and made more personal by the final footage taken from a camera strapped to the crane near the claw. A birds eye view.

I can't imagine watching my home or office laid bare this way. Sadly, a large percentage of the high rise towers in the city are destined to be, or have already been, done.

Hope the movie shows up - if not , go to this link:

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