June 12, 2012

Turning 21 far, far away

Happy Birthday Alex

Wherever you are, I think somewhere in Florence, certainly in Italy, it is officially your birthday here in New Zealand, which makes you 21.
It is hard to think of you so far away,  but we have been planning how to celebrate this event and I can assure you, the cake, the champagne and the party happened here over the weekend.... I think you will enjoy seeing it! We enjoyed having it :)

Hard to believe that you, my youngest child, have reached 21. It has been a pleasure, most of the time at least as like all kids you had your moments,  but the engaging, smiling,  beautiful baby has grown into a young man I am very proud of.

I have had fun putting some memories of that journey together. I picked the music because I always loved it when you played it on the cello and I miss hearing it.

I hope you have a chance to celebrate, wherever you are.
Much love and hugs
Mum xx


  1. A wonderful post from a loving Mom. Nice!

  2. Shucks. Say's I going back to my youth for a suitable opening comment. I think that is one of the most moving things I've seen for ages. You are so fortunate to have pictures of Alex after his childhood. Although (as you can imagine) I have thousands of photos of Andrew from his childhood there are almost no photos anywhere of him after he went off to University. And now it's too late.

    Bach BWV 1007. Always guaranteed to tug at the heart strings too. I don't recognise the cellist. Too slow for Yo yo Mar or Rostropovitch I think.


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