July 30, 2012

Interactive CBD plan- the new Christchurch proposal


Good site - you can click on the areas to read more.

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  1. It is very exciting, although I worry that the financial reality will mean the ned results will be nothing like this. Whilst I live in the East and would desperately love them to start sorting us out we do need to revitalise our CBD and we are really looking forward to be able to move our office back into the city.

  2. Interesting how many mixed comments there are coming out on this in the papers etc - I suppose that although it is exciting to see any progress - it is not "visionary" enough to many. I think paying for anything proposed might be a challenge for us all in terms of rates increases, and maybe it will still not be perfect - but we must do something - and I hope the houses will be repaired in tandem, while all the CBD planning encourages people to stay/visit/return.
    I am pleased how much relates to CPIT and the campus feel of the southern frame and innovation hub - cant wait to see that develop!


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