August 15, 2012

CBD Red Zone Tour August 1st 2012 - YouTube

A picture tells a thousand words.

A movie like this brings us all up to date on the state ( remains) of the inner city.
A times they circle round where I work at CPIT ( or Institute of Technology as he refer to it) ... it sits on the outer cordon. The view from our teaching classroom looks over the dwindling inner city skyline.

Since this was filmed ( and it was only released yesterday) the Radio Network house has been imploded on Aug 5th and I posted video of that recently.

If you knew the city, I hope you can recognise some of the few places remaining. The release of the new city plans helps us to have a glimmer of hope - out of such massive deconstruction, the new zones and hubs and green areas can be developed. I guess not many cities can start again this way on an almost blank canvas of land.

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