August 26, 2012

City Bathed In Spring Sunshine

It has been a glorious weekend - warm, sunny, surrounded by signs of spring everywhere. The dismal grey days have passed ( for now anyway) and there is a more cheerful mood around. Just as well because the recent heavy rain made the roads flooded, the potholes deeper and the mood darker.
Since the earthquake, the city has been crawling with new people, mainly men - despite the rumoured "man drought". FIrst the army, the extra police, the urban search crews, then the hordes of deconstruction teams, and now, the repairs and rebuild. Hi vis vests, hard hats, teams of people, scrambling over the roads, the drains, cranes, diggers, trucks. Tonight we were queueing next to some young Irish lads and as I listened to their banter and accents, it made me appreciate again that people are coming from all over the world to help the city. Just wanted to say how much it is appreciated :)


  1. What a lovely sentiment Fiona. So often these things remain unsaid.

  2. This was a joy to read, and to look at the picture. Thank you!

  3. It was so good to have two warm sunny days - must surely have lifted everyone's spirits.


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