August 9, 2012

THE LAST VISIBLE DOG: Tongariro Thursday

Katherine has been writing about the eruption of Mount Tongariro this week and if you want to know what is happening, please clinck on the link and have a read - she lives up that way !
Off to Wellington tomorrow - wonder if the sulphur smell has passed through yet?


  1. I'm honored to be on your blog, Fi. Thank you thank you. :-)

    1. I think I should be saying Thank you! Was a great post and deserved spreading to more people who were waiting for a nice update on our ring of fire activity :) Earthquakes, volcanoes - - never a dull moment!

  2. I thought when I saw the image on my Dashboard that it was very familiar but then my Blogland may be small in number but it's very large in reach.

  3. Than you GB for leading me to Katherines blog :)


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