August 5, 2012

Building Implosion for Christchurch

FInally a building has been imploded in Christchurch - 18 months after the Feb 2011 earthquake. Most buildings have been carefully deconstructed with recycling of materials - but this one has been handled differently after the inside was stripped out. A bit of entertainment for a Sunday morning!
We are wondering if there will be others to follow now.


  1. Thanks Fiona. The screen on your post is blank for me but I looked it up. It's a fairly common occurrence in the UK but none the less spectacular for that.

  2. It was great to see this- perhaps with hindsight they should have done this to the whole CBD. I must admit as it keeled over I thought of those poor souls in the PGC and CTV buildings that collapsed in a similar but far more deadly way.

    Lets hope our new city never has to experience anything like that ever again.

    1. Me too Ali - I cant imagine what it must have been like for the witnesses to both those buildings when they fell - or the people inside ! I was just so relieved that no one had to worry about searching for people in that rubble today.


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